Hello, and welcome to ROFL Rance blog.  For my introduction, I am just a guy who tries to enjoy life everyday through gaming, food, booze, and time with family & friends.  Happily married and working in the IT field, I still find that my interests fall into story writing through many different mediums.  This ranges from creating games to writing stories to running tabletop campaigns.

In this blog, which is updated three to four times monthly, you will find many of my adventures as a person who is just trying to find time for all of my interests.  You will get audio of my tabletop campaigns, and pictures of festivals, foods, and booze.  Occasionally, you will get in-depth examinations of characters, games, stories, etc.  When the time is right, you will also get to see some of my story developments in these posts.  I hope you stay awhile and enjoy the good times that I have to bring.

This blog is part of the Year of Jerk Media Group. We focus on video gaming, booze, movies, food, and other passions. We’re just a few guys being ourselves. We game, we drink, we geek out, and now, we talk about it.

The other blogs part of the Year of Jerk Media Group include An Aging Gamer and Wild Bill.


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