AFUT: Amercenaries XIV

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Hey youz!  Yeah, I am back.  It is another tabletop update.  I have been busy in my world, but it is time to focus on this one.

Out of the other scenarios, I find this one more satisfying, primarily because the story moves forward.  I enjoy the hijinks of these guys getting in the way of each other, but there has been too much of that as of late.  Due to some characters missing, thus not giving misinformation, the other players are able to move forward.  The next go-round, they might be able to complete their mission (which should have occurred in 2 to 3 games, but has obviously been going on much longer).

I really enjoy the insane conversations that come from this game, but it gets out of hand when everyone gets hung up on wrong details, and purposefully screwing each other over.  It is fun, but often gets in the way of the narrative.  Can I help the group stay focused on their target?  I don’t know…let’s see what the wild cards have to say about that.


See you on the other side, folks.


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