AFUT: Amercenaries Part XII


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Hello everyone, and welcome again to another series of unfortunate events with the bumbling fun of our mercenaries.

While I enjoy this, it definitely doesn’t get easier as I get older.  As a GM, I still continue to face many challenges.  Sometimes, it is the success.  A lot of the guys enjoy it, but there is a lot of maintenance in keeping track of 5+ players.  Then, there is the challenge of keeping the player on the webcam engaged.  Listening to the audio, I found that for the most part, it all worked out.

The next challenge…keeping players focused.  Some of the argument was due to players forgetting the mechanics.  That laser cannon that is getting hauled around is causing more trouble for the group, and I was certain that I would have had to bury a few characters before the night was out, just due to misunderstandings.

The final challenge:  Social anxiety.  It hits hard for me when I just get tired and there are too many people in the room.  I have to say, if you are a GM, and deal with social anxiety, I really sympathize.  There are just moments in the game where I get lost in thought due to too many people in the room.  The loud talking and constant interruptions have been becoming a problem.  When too much is happening, I can’t process it.  I start talking, not even thinking about what I am saying, and start making a lot of mistakes.  The rib cage incident is what is sticking out in my head.

However, even with all the struggles, I still enjoy it immensely.  I can never recall laughing so hard at the incidents.  The amount of absurdity through conversation is utterly fantastic, and it is something you can’t get from any writing or show.  It is the back and forth between these guys that make it random and funny.  Collaboration at its finest.

Anyways, that is it.

See you on the other side, folks.


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