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Hey everyone,

It has been a busy month here. I just signed my wife up for the gym, so we have been working out together 3 to 4 nights a week. We are getting ready for a half marathon to run together in November.  I am ecstatic that she is joining me in this.  As for the rest of the nights, I have thrown myself into film editing and reworking a novel that I haven’t touched in years. So, the blog just hasn’t gotten much attention. More on that…


I had some ideas, especially relating to Payday 2, and Guns of Icarus.  Both are fun games that I have gotten to enjoy, but there is a stress in writing about them, and I realized that it may not just be them.  There is a definite stress when it comes to reviews that I don’t enjoy.  Besides that, there are plenty of writers who do it better, and have a better business sense in the approach.  As for me, if I find something worth writing about, I will do it, but the wave of inspiration comes and goes.  Honestly, why would you come here or other review sites, when there are plenty of reasonable reviews from metacritic, which you can weigh and balance, or on Steam, or sites that sell the said games.  If my reviews really benefited the reader, then there would be a stronger purpose in my writing, and it would be more regular.  However, the industry is white-washed with reviewers, who are far more critical thinkers than me, and I am okay with that, which brings me to my next point.

Too many.  Reviewers, that is.  For many this is a business.  For me, this has been fun.  However, in this territory, if one is committed to such a thing, then the person would have to review whatever he or she touched, good or bad.  I am not interested in a game that doesn’t grab me.  I have plenty in my Steam account, and I will not be short on the gaming world for a long time, but to write a review for each one?  Nope.  When a game entrances me, or strikes a nerve, then hellz bellz yes.


Also, when making this blog, I was going to focus on gaming and exclude shows, but realistically, I spend more time watching shows, and it takes something extra special to turn me away from my computer to stare at the TV and actually engage.  Lately, I have found TV shows more engaging than most games these days.  Also, since I don’t have one of the newer generation gaming machines, my reviews cannot keep up with the trend unless I am doing something Indie, and again, the freaking industry is white washed with that too (this subject will be a blog).  So, shows will be in.  I have been loving, and have been severely disappointed in what has transpired in the story telling field of television.  “How I Met Your Mother” comes to mind, and yes, that will be a review that may give you the feeling of my shouting at the screen, but again…later.

When it comes down to it, I am all things storytelling, and while I enjoy procedurally generated games, I feel like this has become a crutch.  Okay…trying to stay on subject.  I am not the most logical or business type person, so regular reviewing is not going to work on my end.  Of course, I will occasionally express an opinion, but no more of this categorizing garbage.  The central theme will always be the story in my line of work, and that’s all there is to it.

Don’t worry.  I will still post recipes, tabletop audio, and other events because I like to share fun and tidbits of knowledge to allow others to enjoy what I have.  I will be focusing on more frequent little blogging articles, but more importantly on in-depth discussion blogs.  Even though I haven’t been writing here lately, the amount of controversy in the gaming industry has been painful and downright appalling to read.  I may be able to write some more meaningful discussion on that, but also I have caution especially when seeing some of the backlash.

As for hopes and dreams, whenever I finish the novel and the card game, I will be certain to share tidbits here as well.  When I am finished with my film editing work, I may share some of that as well, but no promises.  Anyways, that’s all I have.

See you on the other side, folks.


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