SpeedRunners: Fun with Jerks Review

A game that is easy to play, but it takes much to master…especially since it continually receives new updates. If your friends are the two-syllable jerks, then this game can get over-the-top competitive.

The Breakdown:  This is a 2d side scroller racing game.  You try to outrun your jerk friends (and A.I., lonely guy) with power ups and weapons.  The finish line is the edge of the screen.  When you are farthest along, the last person can’t be touched by the edge of the opposite screen or he/she will be eliminated.  Simple, eh?

Graphics:  You have fairly smooth animations of 2d cutouts that seem full of life in that cartoony nature.  The colors are bright, and the lines are sharp.  In terms of a setting, all I can see unusual maps that are representative of buildings or structures, like libraries or nuclear power plants.

While it is beautiful and simplistic, it can be confusing for some when there is a lot of action on the screen.  I find my eyes accidentally following another player’s character usually once or twice during a race.  However, there is a nice counter to that.  Just like in Capcom’s *&!^*% Street Fighter 2 *#(&$* Edition, you can change your character’s color.  Good news is that this was a free update for the game and the developers are continuing with that trend.  So, when you see your friends getting into a color palette that matches your own, you can quickly switch to eliminate your confusion.

Audio:  The music and the sounds are spot on.  There is no real voice acting other than the soundbyte of “augh” as someone gets hit, but it isn’t distracting.  There is a clapping audience at the beginning that gives you the feel of being on a gameshow.  The music also adjust to when it goes into a type of danger mode that adds to the urgency…as if the closing red lines weren’t enough.

Gameplay:  You have move, jump, slide, grappling hook (for swinging), boost, and action as your means to succeed.  Action has to do with using the power ups, which involves scorpion hooks (get over here!), power drill (speedup+invulnerability), shockwave (interupts everything in circular range), seeker rockets, planted bombs, boxes, and I think that is all, but don’t be surprised if I missed something.  This game has a lot to offer in the competitive department.  If you have three others with which to play, you will have a hard time getting tired of it.

Story:  You’re friends are jerks, and you are trying to beat them at many races.  Ya dig?

Okay, it turns out there is a storyline, but the single player is little more than time trials and the occasional boss that tries to chase you from the left side of the screen.

Final: For the most part, I already consider this a pretty fantastic (and complete) game.  However, the developers won’t stop adding more stuff.  It comes down to under 5 dollars in a Steam sale, but if you are looking for a reason to piss off your buds, then I say, go get it now.

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