JazzPunk: String of Jokes Review

I had finished this game awhile ago, and flew through it over an afternoon.  It is a game with an intriguing concept and an interesting canvas, but is it enough for any gamer?

Graphics:  Being of the First Person Shooter genre, it takes on a very simplistic style.  It reminds me of being in a Jetsons’ cartoon, but in a 1950’s setting and having blocky characters. It is surreal with shapes as representation, and not necessarily intense in detail.  The animation is very limited, but you don’t miss out on what is being conveyed to the player.  Since details aren’t over the top, it isn’t a hindrance to your computer in the least.

Audio:  The audio is superb.  The background music fits the silly atmosphere.  You hear some kind of trumpet or horn in as part of the music and it feels pretty spot on.  The voices and sound effects are on on cue as well, especially when the tones are matching what they are trying to convey.

Gameplay:  Even with all the exploration, you will find a maximum of three hours of gameplay, and it works.  It works very well.  There are a few bugs, despite this being a simplistic game, I thought of it being very clean and crisp.  There was just one minor repeat bug in the first level where you can actually go backwards in the quest line.  It was a bit odd, and a touch distracting, but after that level, everything went remarkably well.

You are mostly running around clicking lots of things.  There is a lot to explore, primarily with the focus of finding each joke.  You don’t have a health meter, and nothing, other than the end, really relies on any precision.  There is no threat.  No urgency.  Since there is little competitiveness with the A.I., the game may even get away with a bad control scheme, but thankfully, such a thing doesn’t occur.

Story:  You play as an agent named Polyblank.  You go on espionage missions assigned to you by a mustached alcoholic named The Director.  I am leaving it at that.  The game really isn’t about the story.  It is about the jokes, and a single line can spoil the jokes.  Even some of the pictures I provide may be too much, but at least you will get the idea.

Final:  It is different, and that is fantastic.  Different pacing.  Different style.  It is unique and designed towards being humorous.  In the end, it is an enjoyable game.  There isn’t much else to say without spoiling the fun.  So, wait for a Steam sale and get it for under 4 dollars, and I think you will get plenty out of it.


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