Preview: ORION: Dino Horde

A cooperative/competitive multiplayer game with dinosaurs and futuristic weapons, including vehicles, both aerial and land-based, wrapped up in a  massively improved (over two years after release), neatly pieced together $3.74 (Steam Sale)package. This is the time that you have no need for the MetaScore, other than knowing the massive amount of improvements that have come along in this game.

I think the video, with its catchy song, is making a strong case.  It just looks fun.

Here is the Steam sale page (with trailer), if you would like to see the counter reviews to the Metascore.

See you on the other side folks’…perhaps in the online world.


2 thoughts on “Preview: ORION: Dino Horde

  1. I’m glad someone enjoys the game. My wife and hate it. I actually made two videos and I think I wrote a first impression on this game, but that I’m not sure about. I would recommend everyone to avoid this game at all costs :].

  2. Somehow, I missed that. So, looking at them right now and having a good laugh. I think I will dive into a deep review myself perhaps next month. It definitely has its list of cons with the pros, but one of the reviews summed it up nicely as “stupid fun”, and after getting into it, I really agree.

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