Wait, I am enjoying E3?

So, I told myself that there wasn’t much to look forward with it being months before I build a new PC, and probably a year before I look at the PS4, Xbox One, or Wii U.  So what turned my head?


The Division:  While I enjoyed its concept last year, the trailer(s) are pulling me in a little deeper.  Seriously, it was freakin’ brilliant.


Assassin’s Creed Unity:  I lost interest in this franchis since 3, but while many talk up 4, I think Unity will be the best step back in the right direction.  The trailer is also something to seriously behold.


No Man’s Sky:  A PS4 Exclusive, and procedurally generated.  One of the bigger reasons that I am behind PC is for the slew of procedurally generated games, but this has definitely caught my eye with the planet generation crossed with space exploration and new dinosaur infested planets to explore.


Mirror’s Edge 2:  I was fearful that we were never going to see a sequel.  I am very glad to be wrong.  The parkour and the story telling with Faith is fantastic, and I am hoping the story will truly reveal her character.  Also the fighting looks like it has great improvement.  Now, I just need assurance that the musical score is beautiful and just as memorable as the past one.


GTA V for PC (and the “next” gen consoles)?  Yes!  Now I can get my jerk friends to join!  Also, if you get the PS4, your online account can be transferred from the PS3 or 360.  I hope you can do the same to PC.


Open World Zelda????  Honestly, there are many reasons to why I am looking at the Wii U now.  Nintendo has seriously turned things around.


Batman Arkham Knight:  Somehow, the franchise just continues to get better.  Now we have the Batmobile!  I need to finish Arkham Origins, though.


Magicka 2:  The first Magicka was loaded with hilarious hijinks and references.  The magic system is far more amazing than any system with which I have dealt.  However, it was so frakin’ glitchy!!!  If this can be done, and not be so freakin’ buggy, then sign me up!



This is what I am excited about so far.  Keep it coming!  See you on the other side, folks!



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