The Dirty Dempsey (or Philly) Cheesesteak

Hello everyone, and welcome to another edition of “we’re hungry” or “midnight inspiration”.  Okay, that isn’t what we call it, but based on the conversations between myself and David, it is the hungry man’s adventure via convo.  After David’s throwing ideas at me, I went on attack at the nearby Kroger and began working on this dish the following day.  The greatest part besides its deliciousness?  My wife destroyed this sandwich.  Yeah, she loves it.

Note:  I know this isn’t a true philly, but that’s why I call it “dirty” since it doesn’t stick to the original formula.  I also don’t like peppers in my philly EVER.  

So, let’s get this recipe going…You’ll need:

Sub Roll (I used wheat)

1lb of ribeye steak

1 onion and the equivalent of mushrooms

Soy sauce

2-3 table spoons of butter

Olive oil

Cracked black pepper

Garlic (ground)

1 to 1 & 1/2 cups of queso blanco with jalapenos (kroger brand velveeta)


Frying Pan



1.  Cube the onion and cut your mushrooms.  Toss in the wok, and turn to medium-high heat.  Add 1-2 tbs of butter, 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil, and splashes of soy sauce across the surface of the mushrooms and onions.  Turn and toss the ingredients until the butter melts.  Turn down to medium heat.

Onions and mushrooms

Onions and mushrooms

2.  Thinly slice the meat.  Then sprinkle with pepper and garlic (or any season(s) you wish).

Thinly sliced

Thinly sliced

3.  Remove onions and mushrooms from the wok.  Leave the sauce in the wok.  Throw in the meat into the wok.  Turn to high heat.  Toss the meat in the sauce until all meat surfaces are cooked.

Leftover gravy

Leftover gravy

4.  Throw the mushrooms and onions back in.  Then add the cup and a half of the cubed white queso.  Turn down to medium heat.  Continue tossing the ingredients until everything melts together.  When melty, turn to low heat.  Around this time, put the frying pan on to at least medium heat.

5.  Cut open and butter your roll.  Place the bread down on it open face on the frying pan.  After a couple of minutes, the bread should be crisp on the edges and buttery on the inside.

Buttery bread

Buttery bread

6.  On the topside of the bun, add mayo and mustard.  Throw the meaty cheesy delicious concoction on the bottom half of the bread.  Press together.

7.  NOM.

There it is!  Hope you are able to enjoy it.  See you on the other side folks!



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