AFUT: Amercenaries Part 3

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  2. AMEF_2014_02_07_02
  3. AMEF_2014_02_07_03
  4. AMEF_2014_02_07_04
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Hello everyone and welcome back for another adventure in the world that what custom made for Armacham’s pleasure (and the players’ dismay).

In listening to the story, you may find the pacing to be different, but good.  In the last couple of games, we had more conversation than actual violence or trouble.  Really, it was mostly the guys being horrified while dually creating mischief.  Thankfully, the latest chapter added an action-filled part of the plot, and our anti-heroes are on the run…plus they finally grabbed some guns.

The truth is that I am really proud of this.  The pacing was good.  The travel was enjoyable, not to mention the constant suspicion of certain characters.  The players had a handful of chances to deviate from the ending, but didn’t out of, well…fear.  While building on the concepts of the game, F.E.A.R., I spent a lot of time on Armacham’s natural progression in making the projects come to life.  While looking at a wiki for the games, you could discern the point of the projects, but I saw it as having many names missing, so these past gaming sessions have been about characters that didn’t “make the books” or have a “paper trail”.

However, a familiar element has entered the game, and AnAgingGamer caught it.  So, while his character was freaking out, Rico himself gave me plenty of crap.  So, what was it that his character saw that freaked him out?  I guess you need to listen to the story…


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