Blue January

Hey everyone.

You may have noticed that I have been missing for most of the month.  Let me just shoot straight.

My mother passed away on January 7th.  It hasn’t been easy.  Fortunately, I have been spending much time with my father, and have had the most wonderful group of friends to help me navigate this part of my life.

My mother was a very loving woman.  She was giving to the point of fault, even when it would cost her health.  Everyone remembered her fondly, especially my father.  It is hard to lose your mother, but I can’t imagine losing your wife.  I wish I could write more on this, and how much she meant to me, but perhaps that is better professed in my daily living than just typing it.  So many people that I hadn’t seen in awhile showed up in support of me and my family.  My mother had a wonderful effect on people, and she is missed.  All I can do is remember her fondly, and live a life that would make her proud of her son.  One day at a time…

Eventually, I will let loose with more writing, but right now the energy simply isn’t there.  I am doing all that I can just to get to work.  Slowly, I have been piecing my habits back together from exercise, to gaming, and then writing.  Look for more posts on February.

Anyways, I will see you on the other side, folks.


2 thoughts on “Blue January

  1. I can’t even begin to say “I know how you feel,” because I as of yet have not lost anyone close to me. But I sympathize for you, and I hope things go back to “normal” pretty quickly and smoothly, despite your loss. From the sounds of it, your mom wouldn’t have wanted you all mopey; she’d want you back on your feet soon 🙂

  2. I do thank you for your kind words and am sorry that I haven’t responded till now. It has just taken awhile to make myself get back into the habit of coming back here, but methinks that portion of the weight is lifted. I look forward to more of your articles and comments in the future.

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