Lord of the Rings Marathon

So there goes Christmas (and New Year’s), and with it, and strong association of one of the greatest trilogies in Geekdom.  Back in 2004, a tradition started among myself and two awesome friends.  Food and the Lord of the Rings Marathon brings us together once a year to share in fun times.  This year is no different.

That's right.  EXTENDED

That’s right. EXTENDED

The first night, I was allowed to cook for the group.  Using the Kickin’ Queso (tofu variation with only 1/4 of the pace picante sauce, no hot salsa, and mexican melting cheese), burgers (half spicy pork, other half lean beef with cinnamon, black truffle oil, shredded cheddar, and cracked black pepper), plus beer bratwursts, it made for a fantastic, filling night!

The next night followed up with two kinds of pizza:  One being a philly-style pizza, and the other one buffalo wings style.  Homemade and delicious.

During it all, we had desserts, one of them being oreo truffles (pictured) and lemon squares.  My wife made a variation of the truffles, based on this link.

As with the holidays, I have looked forward to this each year and dreaded its passing.  I can’t help but start counting the days where we can partake again.  The 10th Anniversary is coming.  Oh yes…it is coming.

This is my first post this year, and I apologize for the delay.  Many challenges have been before me in the past weeks, making it harder to write.  Nevertheless, I will be here again soon.

See you on the other side, folks.


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