PS3 Received

So, after years of waiting, and right around the time for next gen systems, my wife and I decided to get a PS3.  Why?  For one, it was only 200 on Black Friday.  Next, games are packaged in two or three packs for cheap.  There are also games that are free.  Last of all:  Blu-Ray!

So, earlier this month, the PS3 arrived.  What is the first thing for what we used the PS3?  NETFLIX.  Just kidding.  The Hobbit Extended Blu-Ray arrived within a couple of days, and we enjoyed the beautiful scenes.  I also got started on Last of Us, and I am quite amazed at its cinematic quality.

Sorry this has been such a short blip.  Holidays are busy, but I am trying to make more writing happen this week.  Maybe even a tabletop game?

See you on the other side, folks.


One thought on “PS3 Received

  1. I also just got a PS3 in November. I wanted to play Beyond Two Souls, so I figured why not, plus it’d feel like something new while I wait to get an Xbox One (I have and always will be an Xbox guy). It’s nice to be able to play some different games. Blu Ray wasn’t really a pull for me though. I’ve had a blu ray player for awhile and haven’t used it in over a year. Now that Netflix streams ‘Super HD’ (1080p) and other services stream HD content I haven’t had a need to watch a blu ray.

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