GTA V Online, Stocks, & Myths

Hello everyone!

While I am not in the habit of doing more than one blog a week (although that will change with growth), I will do something like this when something has come to my attention, and I hope the information might be handy to other readers.

By now, you have probably been reminded countless times of the upcoming online update for GTA V, and I am not one to slack.  This is one of many reasons why I am trying to grab your attention, so please…keep reading.

In the past weeks since GTA V’s release, there has been much discussion of the “little things” with which people were impressed, and some included the use of the stocks as one of them.  This particular little thing in the stock was affecting the prices by destroying supplies of said company.  I did this little experimentation on Cluckin Bell, and at first, the “competitor” TacoBomb spiked like it was supposed to, but after continuing this carnage for 30 minutes, the stocks on both Cluckin Bell and TacoBomb continued to fall.  There is truth in affecting the primary victim, but it directly affecting the competitor, not so.  Right now, that is my only complaint.  I also attacked Up-n-Atom containers, and that stock continued to rise, so even at that, I am not so sure.  I am simply marking the manipulation of stocks as a myth.  There are too many who contradict each other in this statement, and I am among the neigh sayers.  Here is a video, supplying the concept, and the users arguing over whether it actually works.  There are other suggested methods…so I might try those at other times.

(Slight spoiler) Still in reference to the stocks, the suggestion for the LFI after a particular mission (it is also stated in-game) is true, but I HIGHLY recommend not investing in it until the stock drops around to 46.66, otherwise, you lose a massive percentage.  This will continue to grow steadily throughout the game after it hits near rock bottom.  This will be a nice nest egg for future investments.

On a side note, I can confirm that the infinite money cheat still holds ground (at least the underwater ones), but with the new update coming in, there is always a chance it may disappear.  There are video game companies that have a long history of not liking the way some players mess with their own single player experience, but I do not believe RockStar Games is among them.

So, now a quick observation for the in-game stocks as GTA V Online is closing in.  This observation is for those who haven’t already made millions on their single player characters.  While I am still a little green when it come to the stock market, I do believe that logic would dictate a rise in use of Ammu-Nation on Tuesday morning (due to hardcore gamers wanting the online experience) and one more spike on Friday (where casual gamers/weekend warriors will step in) which would be from rapid weapon purchases in everyone’s online experience.  There will most likely be a continual rise in the stock throughout the week.  Now, some of the more advanced players, who studied the stocks of GTA V like hawks, will more than likely have greater information that won’t be limited to Ammu-Nation.  This is just my thought.  You don’t have to do it, especially since I have warned you of my noobishness.  This is what I am doing.  I am robbing gas stations and doing missions to pour money into Ammu-Nation and hopefully I will witness a sudden rise.

See you on the online side, folks.


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